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Featured Reader: Steve Sperrazza

  November 14, 2010  |    Blog

Our Featured Readers (as seen with The Nutrition Twins on The Queer Eye show)

Below our featured reader Steve Sperrazza describes his transformation after working with The Nutrition Twins and following their principles from their book, Fire Up Your Metabolism…

Steve’s Before Photos (Steve’s the one with the beard in the photo on the left):adamandstevestevebellylaugh
Steve’s After Photo (Steve’s the one in gray)ep229_before_after_10
Steve’s Photo After:ep229_before_after_18
Size Before: All Shirts were 18 to 18 ½ neck size, Sweaters and pullovers were an XL to XXL, Waist size was a 44.

Size After Fire Up Your Metabolism: Shirt size is a 16 ½ neck size, Sweaters and Pullovers are a Large, Waist size is a 36.

Current Weight: 190 LBS

Before: 236 LBS

After: 189 lbs

Steve Describes How He Lost the Weight:

I met with The Nutrition Twins and I started to watch my food intake very closely focusing on eating healthy things that I enjoy, not just eating foods with no concern about what they were and how they affected me. And I started to work out 3 to 4 times a week.

Steve’s Tells Us His Favorite Part of the Process:

The best part has been watching my clothing size shrink, and seeing the results in the mirror. Also feeling much more confident in myself at public outings or business functions is fantastic. Plus, feeling more attractive helps me to feel more confident & sexual.

Steve Describes His Diet Now:

Breakfast is either a piece of fruit and cup of cereal or yogurt and grapefruit juice maybe egg whites on wrap occasionally. Today for lunch I am having tuna packed in water (no mayo) with a pickle and 1 WW English muffin dry. Dinner is often a small amount of WW pasta with broiled Chicken Sausage and home made red sauce and veggies. Being creative in the cooking process helps tremendously to stay on track.

Steve’s Exercise Now:

I work out on an average of 3 to 4 days a week for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Steve’s Words of Advice:

Listen to the Twins and stay focused on your own personal goal! The reward far outweighs the effort!

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