Hamstring Curls

  February 26, 2014  |    Blog>Exercise

Yup—we’ve got your back! Well, actually, with this exercise we’ve actually got the back of your legs—and we’re helping you to keep them tight, toned and jiggle free, after all, what are friends for?! As we used in our recent shoulder exercise we’re back with the resistance band, only this time, as we mentioned, we’re …

8 Ways To Bust Out of a Workout Rut

  February 22, 2014  |    Blog>Exercise

To find out the number one question that we get asked about exercise and the “ins-and-outs” of busting out of an exercise rut click here.  We’ll be sharing the specifics of these exercises above in the coming weeks–so get your bootay (and your body!) ready to party!    

Our New Gym Bag Obsession—Fitmark’s Dashing Tote!

  January 24, 2014  |    Blog>Exercise

For those of you who know us, you know that without our daily workouts, we don’t feel the same—and we’ll each tell you that it doesn’t take a lot to make us happy—just let us exercise and eat the foods we like. 🙂 As die-hard fitness fanatics, creatures of habit, and a little bit the …

Triangle Push Up!

  January 13, 2014  |    Blog>Exercise

Ever wish you could get a boob lift without having surgery? Well you can! Try this rockin’ triangle push-up. Not only does it help strengthen, slim and tone your arms, shoulders and abs—it also lifts your boobs! That’s right; it strengthens and tones the muscles above and around the boobs to help pick and perk …