9 Easy Ways to Burn Calories After Thanksgiving

  November 26, 2016  |    Blog

Overdid it during Thanksgiving? Don’t despair! People assume that because we’re registered dietitians and personal trainers that we don’t overdo it at times (if only!) and that we don’t want ways to step up our activity and calorie-burn after Thanksgiving and other holidays.  We give our clients the same advice that we use on ourselves.  …

Eat More to Weigh Less, Really!

  November 5, 2016  |    Blog>Motivation/ Inspiration

If you’re like most of our clients, you’re looking for something you can eat when you’re hungry that won’t cause you to gain weight.  The answer, surprisingly, is something that you can and should eat all of the time.  It’s true; there actually is something that if you eat more of it, it can assist …

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7 Best Late Night Snacks for Weight Loss

  August 10, 2016  |    Blog>Motivation/ Inspiration

Although we’re twin sister registered dietitians and personal trainers who nowadays absolutely love veggies, we admittedly didn’t always adore them.  In fact, we were very picky kids and the moment our mom would turn her back from the dinner table, we’d sneak our salads off to our best friend, Mary and her black lab, Buddy, …

The REAL Reason You Should Care about GMOs

  July 20, 2016  |    Blog>Motivation/ Inspiration

If we’ve had the chance to meet, you know we’re basically the “what you see is what you get” –smiley, (often quite giggly) veggie- loving twin sisters who joke about our wicked sweet tooth (especially Lyssie’s long, sharp left canine) and how we work hard to keep it in check.  It’s pretty hard to get …