Congratulations to the Aquatally Giveaway Winners

  August 17, 2014  |    Blog

Woohoo!! Congratulations to the Aquatally Giveaway Winners– Denise Goldspiel Gamache, Lisa Minkoff-Sokoloski and Michelle Fadlalla Leo!  You will all be easily able to track how much water you get and be encouraged to drink more!!  (Please email us your favorite color choice and your email address at [email protected]

We all know we need more water! When we ask our clients how much water they drink, they usually say, “not enough.” And at the same time, they also admit that they don’t actually know how much they drink. Well now you can easily track how much you drink and be encouraged to drink more with AquaTally! And you can be the lucky winner of this great tracking cup!


AquaTally hydration tracking cup is a beautifully simple way to track daily hydration. AquaTally holds 2 cups (16 oz), is BPA free, dishwasher safe and double walled. Simply turn the white band to line up with the number of cups you drink throughout the day. AquaTally comes in three colors: blue, green and red.




How It Works

Do you need more than 8 cups (64 oz) of water each day? Use the number scale on the AquaTally so that each number represents 2 cups (16 oz). Then just shoot for “your number” each day.


To be entered into the raffle to win AquaTally, leave a comment on this page telling us what color you’d like or on our Facebook page telling us what color you’d like!
For more information about AquaTally visit:, or on Facebook


The Nutrition Twins were sent samples of Aquatally but were not compensated for this blog or the giveaway.


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