Count Us In! We’re Taking the #NeverQuit Pledge

  December 29, 2016  |    Blog>Motivation/ Inspiration

Most people who know us are aware that even when we’re not officially “out running” in New York City, were running somewhere.  It’s not that we always want a workout (although we often do! 🙂 ), it’s just that we have so much we want to do in a day and struggle to get everything done.  And as much as we love being on the go, we do cherish downtime too, but we have to work hard to get it in our day or it doesn’t happen.


We have to make a concerted effort each day to simply “chill out” (yes, we’re those girls who don’t naturally sit on the couch if we’re watching TV—we’re probably cooking or folding laundry, or multi-tasking at the same time!) and one thing’s for sure–we’ll always have to consciously make an effort to achieve balance in our lives.  So when we found out about the Refreshinq #NeverQuit pledge, we knew we had to take it!  Our pledge? To  to never quit working to achieve balance and to get down time.  Psst… the “inq” at the end of “Refreshinq” stands for “I Never Quit!”—we love it! (Check out the photos below– they sent us a sample of so many great goodies packaged in a fun and unique way that motivates us to work harder and never quit!)




If there’s a time that we remember to focus on rest and on de-stressing, it’s after a massage or after yoga because that’s when we’re super relaxed and we feel so centered that we want to stay in that mode.  So as we’re taking the #NeverQuit pledge, we know that one way for us to be successful is to channel that “zen” post-yoga/ post-massage mode.  So, we’re working to take yoga an additional day each week (if you think we only run, catch us in chill-mode after class! 🙂 ).


While taking the #NeverQuit pledge, The Refreshinq Co. sent us their Refreshinq’s Workout + Recoverinq Pack which is a supplement blend of clean, pharmaceutical-grade, gluten free ingredients.  The Recoverinq Pack includes magnesium oxide, CoQ10, amino acid complex and omega-3s, to help you have a strong recovery. We originally thought that the Recoverinq Pack may be an additional way to help us to #NeverQuit trying to chill and achieve balance because it would help our muscles to be less sore– plus, knowing we’re doing something good for our bodies helps us to achieve a peaceful mind.  And we were right, it did give us peace of mind and make us feel more at ease —and simply feeling calmer helps us to remember to slow down and take some downtime—and to make the most of it!


But something even more happened…  Our Aha Moment when we realized that The Refreshinq Co.’s Recoverinq Pack was helping to relieve our muscle tension…


One thing we both oddly experienced for several weeks before we started using the Workout + Recoverinq Pack was muscle cramps (nothing will quickly add stress to your life like a muscle cramp!), which is unusual for us (aside from when Tammy was pregnant with her twins!)—since yes, we get plenty of water and potassium—not only from bananas (and from lots of fruits and veggies—but from our “detox” drinks like our Cool Citrus Cucumber Detox, Apple Cider Vinegar & Lime “Detox” Drink and our Lemon Ginger Detox Drink too! However, with the New York City apartments comes the winter heat (my (Lyssie’s) thermometer in my apartment reads a toasty 82 degrees on this blistery cold winter day! I’m not complaining, I’m a summer girl after all!), however, the bedroom can get even warmer—and when I sleep, although I have the air condition on, it doesn’t seem to cool the room so much—and thus, I think I’ve been dehydrated and waking up with muscle cramps/ charley horses, ah!

Since starting Refreshinq’s Workout + Recovering Pack, we haven’t had any muscle cramps! And the truth is, muscle cramps are often related to magnesium, not potassium, so thank you Refreshinq!  You see, the Post Workout Pack contains magnesium—and the magnesium is not only preventing our muscle cramps, but it’s helping us to sleep more restfully and feel more relaxed– in addition to calming the muscles and making them less tense, so that they can relax and recover—and so that we can too!  We can really focus when our muscles don’t feel so tight!

So while you may still see us running most places we go, what you won’t see is that we’ve been working on our downtime–are chilling more and loving it! 🙂 #NeverQuit pledge for us = more #zen!  Amen for that! 🙂


Oh–and one more thing!  There’s something else that we love about The Refreshinq Co. aside from their pharmacist-curated and totally customized to your body’s needs supplements– it’s their philosophy and positive message to inspire and encourage people in their pursuit of wellness.  They have a deep commitment to the community and it’s infused in everything they do–like their #NeverQuit initiative.


If you have a goal to never quit something, join us in taking the Refreshinq’s #NeverQuit pledge and share it on social media to inspire others!


The Nutrition Twins partnered with Refreshinq for this sponsored post.

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