Do THIS to put the kibosh on overeating and overindulging

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Are you struggling to put the kibosh on overeating or on overindulging?

Do you deal with the frustration of having overeaten a few treats and are now finding that a few days of overindulging have spiraled into a daily occurrence? Don’t panic!  We’ve got just the technique to nip it in the bud! Whenever our clients start to feel out of control we have them try this to break the habit and put an end to the overeating cycle. And it works. Well, it works most (95%) of the time! So if you just can’t seem to reel in the overindulgences it’s definitely worth giving this a try!

Within an hour of waking up eat a satisfying breakfast. Yes, even if you still feel full in the morning or don’t have an appetite from overeating the day before and even if you still feel puffy and bloated and don’t want to eat, eat it! Trust us, this is critical. We realize this may feel scary and uncomfortable–and you may fear that if you eat a lot now, you’ll still end up overeating at night. We get it, but we highly recommend you try this as it really tends to work–and you deserve to break the cycle! We recommend going for one of these four weight loss breakfasts with at least 16 ounces of water or green tea…and read on.


Try one of the below…

  1.  The Most Satisfying Weight Loss Breakfast
  2.  Orange and Banana Energy Revving Oat Muesli
  3. 2-Minute Cherry Oat Muesli
  4. 4 servings of Veggie Frittata Bites with a piece of fruit (must have 4 servings AND the piece of fruit)




Most people who overeat tend to overeat in the evening.  To prevent this it’s important that when the evening arrives that you 1) feel full and 2) haven’t skipped meals–this just sets you up to repeat the vicious overeating cycle.  The key is to start by eating breakfast, even if you’re not hungry. Eat the whole thing.  If you’d prefer to eat something that you normally eat instead of our recommendations above, as long as it’s only 250-400 calories and is packed with protein and fiber, it’ll do the trick.


Having fiber and protein in your body when it feels full will help to keep you feeling satisfied, and after eating it, the thought of eating the indulgences that trigger you to overeat won’t be appealing. This breakfast will stabilize your blood sugar and prevent your energy from dipping. And when lunchtime comes around, you’ll be satisfied and won’t be jonesing for the food that triggered you. This will get you off the out-of-control eating train. Woohoo!


Once you’ve had this breakfast…you’re on a great path!   The key is not to skip lunch either –and to make it full of protein and fiber.  A healthy mid-afternoon snack is important. Go for an apple and 1 flat tablespoon of nut butter or a Greek yogurt and a piece of fruit–and lots of water or seltzer. And before dinner, drink tea, and eat at least 1 cup of veggies–baby carrots, snow peas, celery–whatever you choose that will fill you up but that’s low in calories (so no butter, oil, etc at this time to keep it light).  This way, you’ll be much more in control come evening time!


NOTE:  After skipping a meal you may feel good about having saved calories, and you’ll be more likely to justify that it’s OK and to give in to temptations—and you’re more likely to start the whole overeating cycle again.


You’ve got this Slim, we know you can do it! 🙂  Leave a comment below and let us know how this works for you.  You’ve got this!

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