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Early June Newsletter

  May 27, 2015  |    Uncategorized

Just as I (Lyssie) developed allergies out of nowhere (making me even more obsessed with ginger :) and my Lemon Ginger Detox Drink then ever since they both help my inflamed nasal passages), I felt I could barely make it to the gym without sneezing all over everyone.  So I missed a few more workouts than planned and before I knew it, tank top season came way too soon- ahh!

But I knew better than to panic–instead, I used some of the strategies below (these are the same ones that we recommend to our clients to ensure they feel great when summer gets here a bit before they feel ready for it 😉 … so if you’re like us, these tips will work wonders for you too!)

After all there’s nothing  that makes me feel sweatier and more aware of the humidity than not feeling comfortable in my clothes and like my wiggly arms would steal the sun’s spotlight. 🙂  And I have to admit I felt a bit panicked, but the hot, sweaty weather was just the kick I needed to make sure I got back on track–even though I couldn’t do it at the gym.


So, as always, I made sure I did our 4 Sure-fire Ways to get to the Event Bloat-free! -daily!

And Tammy shared her quick tricep toner with me– it’s the one she does when her schedule gets too packed for her to get to the gym (she shares the exercise in the video below). So I’ve been doing them for just a couple minutes every other day for a week now and my arms are already looking much better!  Thank goodness for muscle memory! 😉


We hope you love this if ya need it! 🙂


The other thing we’ve been drinking a lot of lately is our Citrus Flush  (when you check it out you’ll learn a little more about some of our obsessions) and why it works its magic as we head into summery weather. We created this because you (yes YOU!) made our day telling us you loved our Orange-Lime Flusher.  And we love drinks that help us stay hydrated (they help to give us more energy) and help to flush bloat!  Check it out to see why it works miracles! 😉

In today’s newsletter, we also bust a myth about the healthiest cooking oil, It may surprise you–it’s not olive oil. AND in fact you shouldn’t cook with Olive oil!  Find out why here


If you’re heading to the BBQ and want a satisfying, healthy dish that’s sure to please your entire family as well as your guests, bring this delicious BBQ Salmon, or make it there!


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