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Hamstring Pull-In/Hamstring Curl

  June 26, 2014  |    Blog>Exercise

Do you love tight, toned thighs, hips and glutes but not the lunges and squats that bring them to you? Great news! Say hello to that toned bootay and beyond with this exercise! Known as the Hamstring Pull-In or Hamstring Curl, this is a great way to get your toned butt and upper legs up to snuff!

Hamstring Pull-In Vertical

To do this exercise, follow these steps:


1. Lie face up with arms extended down by your sides, flat on the ground. Secure your heels into the TRX cradles or other piece of similar equipment you may have. (As an alternative you can use a ball, like you use for ab exercises by placing the ball under your heels.)
2. Keep your abs tight as you slowly lift your hips off the ground in a controlled motion.


3. Pull your knees towards you until they are bent to about a 90-degree angle. (If you are using a ball under your feet, use your heels to pull the ball toward your butt. The positioning of your body should be the same as for the TRX equipment.)


4. Slowly extend legs back to the step 2 position. This is one rep. Continue for 20 reps total. As you get stronger, do two sets, then three.


Get a sexy and sleek body with this workout this summer!


Hamstring Pull-In+Hamstring Curl

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