The Glute Bridge with Variations- for a perkier butt!

  March 23, 2015  |    Blog>Exercise

A fitness tip to ignore:  Go big or go home!

Think smaller workouts don’t count?! They do!!
Check this out …it helps us even on our laziest of days.  And this Lazy Day Butt Toner is one you can even do in your bed, so no excuses not to do it! 🙂

The Glute Bridge with Variations- for a perkier bootay!  Watch the video above or read below for a few pointers to make the most of this at-home exercise.




A few pointers:

As you lift and squeeze and with each movement remember to:

  • Squeeze your abs tight and focus on using your ab muscles to pull your belly button towards your back
  • Press the ground through your heels
  • Contract your glutes and feel the tension all the way down in your hamstrings as you squeeze
  • Keep both shoulder blades on the floor


Hello, sexy booty! 😉

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