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Reach Your Goal Weight

....Without Counting Calories, Giving Up Carbs, or Feeling Like You’re Starving

“The pounds slipped off easily and I didn’t feel like I was starving or compromising my love of food.”

“Lyssie & Tammy are incredible problem solvers and so much fun to work with!
Their methods are effective, easy to follow, and sustainable.
The pounds slipped off easily and I didn’t feel like I was starving
or compromising my love of food.

I’ve learned so much from them, they’ve helped me change my attitude
toward food and feel confident in my body and health again. They taught me
the skills I needed to deal with emotional eating and how to strategize for
everyday meals and obstacles.

Lyssie and Tammy work hard for you and believe in you
even on your most difficult days, they’re inspiring!”

- Jupiter O.


For nearly two decades we’ve helped thousands of women & men
just like you lose weight—and KEEP it off—with our
science-backed approach.

In fact, 90% of our clients achieve PERMANENT weight loss after
working with us—while still eating chocolate and drinking wine.

Sound too good to be true?
Keep reading – we’ll tell you how we help you do it…


“I’ve not only lost the weight
but I’ve kept it off for five years!”

I had tried every diet out there when I came to Tammy and Lyssie.
I was always able to lose weight, but I could never keep it off.
Tammy and Lyssie taught me how to eat in a way that
I could enjoy my food for the rest of my life
— and even get my chocolate fix while still losing weight.
Best of all, I’ve not only lost the weight, but I’ve kept it off for over five years.

- Jody K.

There’s a fundamental problem when it comes to most eating
plans and health coaches:

They don’t consider what works best for YOU. Each person’s
hormones, metabolism, body chemistry, likes/dislikes‚ and
lifestyle are perfectly UNIQUE.

Sure, you CAN lose weight if you cut calories or eliminate carbs,
sugar, and alcohol for long enough.

But you can’t do this FOREVER, right?! (We’re thinking you may
have tried this before—and that’s why you’re here.)

When it comes to permanent weight loss, a lot comes into play
(here's where most coaches and eating plans miss the mark):

The Nutrition Twins
Other Weight
Loss Plans
Food Preferences
Medical History
Blood Sugar
Metabolism, Digestion, &
Absorption of Nutrients
Gut Health
Mood & Emotions
Hunger & Satiety Cues
Food Sensitivities
Current Diet and How it
Contributes to the Above
✔ ✔ ✔

When we work with you, these pieces help to give us a FULL
picture so we can truly understand your individualized needs
and create a specialized plan for YOU and only you.

This is why getting healthy isn’t a QUICK fix and why simply
eliminating carbs or Googling “best way to lose weight” doesn’t work—and
why it’s no way your fault if you’ve STRUGGLED to lose weight.

The Whole 30 or keto-type programs don’t evaluate, tweak, and
individualize a program that’s tailored to your unique
body and lifestyle.

But we do.

We get to the ROOT to discover what will work best for your
long-term weight loss success—and then we guide and support
you through the ENTIRE process.

How do you know if you
want to work with us

(besides the fact we’re a perfect combination of science-loving,
Bravo-watching Identical twins)?

Well, if you...

→ Have tried the cookie-cutter programs before and are tired
of seeing the digital scale drop a few pounds, only to watch it
creep its way back up after a stressful week or a weekend trip

→ Are committed to re-learning the way you think about food

→ Know you need a plan created for you, individualized support
and accountability—and want bubbly twins to be your coaches
and cheerleaders

→ Ready to lose the weight—and keep it off for the rest of your life

… you’re in the right place.

Here’s How We Help You Lose 10, 20, 30
— or even 100 pounds —
While Still Eating the Foods You Love:

1:1 Science-Backed Nutrition Coaching

This 4-Month Virtual Deep-Dive Program Includes:

Initial 75-Minute Session
This is our first step together to develop a personalized plan to
reach your goals.

8 Follow-Up Sessions (40 minutes each)
We track where you’re at and uncover areas that need to be
tweaked and adjusted during this time. We also evaluate what’s
working well and build on that success!

Typically, these meetings are bi-weekly. However, we’re flexible and
let you determine how far apart to schedule these sessions!

Email Support In-Between Sessions
Have a question? Feel stuck between sessions? No problem —
you can email us anytime, and we’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours.

Also Included:

• Digestive Evaluation
• Food, Health, and Symptom Tracking
• Exercise Recommendations & Guidance
• Meal Planning Tips, Menu & Recipe Ideas,
Product Recommendations, and More
• Supplement Support with Discounts

Sound like what you need?

We only work with a select handful of clients 1:1, this application is used to see if we’re the right fit.

“Lyssie and Tammy’s support is so motivating.
The program was fun and sustainable. ”

Lyssie & Tammy are amazing. I originally wanted to lose weight,
but what they offered me was so much more.

While I did lose weight, what was so exciting was I have so much more energy.
The strategies I learned helped me be in control of my health
— and stay on a fun and exciting program that’s sustainable.

Lyssie and Tammy’s support is so motivating and their dedication to guiding
their clients, answering any and all questions, led to a fantastic experience.

- Michelle R.


A Few Questions We Get on the Regular
(or at least sometimes!):

Nutrition Twins Logo - Icon Only Transparent
Nutrition Twins Logo - Icon Only Transparent

we’re in this to help people

just like you.

Take a look at what a recent client, Stacy, said:

“I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. For as long as I
could remember, I’d get on the scale and wouldn’t see any
change. But when I started working with Lyssie and Tammy,
I began to see the pounds drop steadily and I knew it
was really working.

Lyssie and Tammy helped me put the food puzzle
together and taught me how to make it sustainable for
the rest of my life.”

Want to know how we can help you
put your individual food puzzle together?
We take on a limited number of clients at time!


"Since working with Lyssie, not only have I lost weight which I am glad about, but my stress levels, health, confidence, and my overall life feels better."

Simply, she taught me finally how to eat so I now have more energy and I don't obsess and worry about food and my health. What a relief! She educated me, walked me through food choices, and plans. They were all personalized to suit me.

Lyssie helped me find the vitamins and supplements I needed and worked with my doctors, so I had all the blood tests needed to truly help my health conditions. She worked with me and who I was. She saw me in my entirety, my moods, my lifestyle, my health issues, and my ups and downs. She accepted me. She is totally on my side and rooting for me.

She is totally nonjudgmental, supportive, very smart, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. She really cares.  She's written several books and I learned so much from them and refer to them for recipes and quick reminders.

Not only is she all that but her program allows access to her daily. So I felt supported and less alone.  If I had questions I could ask them, I didn't struggle alone. I feel my life and health has totally changed and the quality of my life is better.

-Aimee B.


“The Nutrition Twins Helped Me Achieve Long-Term, Sustainable Weight Loss—and I Reached My Goal Weight!”

Once I reached my own personal plateau,
The Nutrition Twins were wonderful in guiding me in new approaches
to help me push past it and lose weight.

The knowledge they provided me was essential for me to achieve long-term
sustainable weight loss! And they showed me what sneaky foods
had been getting in my way. Also, LOVE all the delicious recipes they have.
Really great if you’re looking for healthy and tasty entrees.

-Kari L.

Joya Dass After photo July 2022 paddle board

"I've revolutionized the way that I eat and changed the way I view food .I am incredibly proud of my body and the way that I look!"

I started working with Lyssie for vanity reasons. I wanted to look good for my photographs at the grand celebration in Croatia. I'm turning 50. My business is turning 10.
I wake up at 5:30am every morning and workout at 6am. But my body wasn't changing. I knew that my food had to change.
What Lyssie really did was open up a whole world of health for me that I had no previous lens into. She asked me to get a series of blood tests. After a battery of hormonal tests, I learned that I had a condition in my uterus that was making my periods extra tough. She put me on a series of supplements.
I've revolutionized the way that I eat and changed the way I view food today thanks to our work together. I travel alot, and now I know how to pack for trips. Below is a picture of me in Croatia. The hard work culminated in this moment, where I am incredibly proud of my body and the way that I look after paddle boarding in the Adriatic sea.
Thank you Lyssie. This picture says it all.
-Joya D.