We’re Tammy and Lyssie, the Nutrition Twins®. The time to live a healthier and happier life starts now - and we PROMISE YOU - it’s gonna be fun!

We’re gonna take all the stress out of wholesome living…and you may just drop a few pounds while you're at it. And we won’t make you give up all the foods you love.


That’s kind of what makes us different. Our science-backed, common sense style, our uncommon recipes and our incorporation of personalized functional nutrition, so we take your unique lifestyle, your body, your hormones and sometimes, even your genes into consideration. Getting healthy can actually feel easy, fun, and tempting. Your best place to start is by downloading our FREE guide, which you can get by clicking right here.


Wanna lose weight, but indulge without all the guilt

Have been scrolling countless health blogs - only to be overwhelmed by the contradicting information

Are so tired of denying yourself the foods you want to eat

Wish you enjoyed the food you ate - and ate the food you enjoyed!

Have been searching for science-backed information from a reliable source you can trust

Want a permanent solution to finally lose weight and keep it off for good


We grew up in a household where our parents thought it was important to live a healthy lifestyle. They tried to instill the same in us. Both of our parents were basically hippies – minus the drugs, of course!

Our Mom was very aware of raising us with a natural and wholesome focus, making sure we got all the nutrients we needed. TRANSLATION? Our Mom made everything from scratch! She loved to have us (one on each side of her apron) help her cook in the kitchen.

A throwback photo of us with our friend Mary!
A throwback photo of us with our friend Mary!

And we tended to enjoy this too–especially when we’d help her to make her homemade granola–which didn’t often end up making it to the oven–we’d eat most of it first. 🙂

Our Dad was very athletic. We loved trying to do whatever he was doing! Basically, we followed in his "sneaker footsteps." As kids, we spent our days running around in the back yard or playing in the creek. And as time passed, we started playing soccer, speed-skating, and running.


When we weren’t at home surrounded by our model parents, we confess we often ate like kids let loose in a candy store! We experimented with a lot of sugary and processed foods. Each time we did, we’d feel lousy afterwards. After a while, we discovered that not following our Mom’s healthy advice made us feel exhausted and very uncomfortable in our gut.

After eating like crazy, we’d come home feeling bloated, ready to crash, and needing to nap.

Basically, we witnessed first-gut the power that the right foods have on athletic performance, mental clarity, energy levels – and just plain ol’ making you look and feel your best.


After a lot of repeated unhealthy food mishaps, we eventually became hooked on healthy. We learned just how influential choosing the right foods can be for completely improving our energy, athleticism and mood – and making us feel and move at our best!

Eventually we realized: “WOW! It would be terrific to feel and move at our highest level all of the time! Hmmm…I guess we should want to eat healthfully all the time!”

And here we are today… after years of education (& continuing education!) and degrees in nutrition  -- registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) and certified personal trainers (CFTs)…The Nutrition Twins®.