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Melon Mint Slimming Tea

  March 15, 2014  |    Blog>Recipes>"detox" drinks/ water infusions

While technically Spring is just days away, and although the weather has been anything except Spring-like, we’ve got the perfect drink to warm you up while helping to get you feeling slim for spring– Melon Mint Slimming Tea!   Psst… looking for more healthy recipes?  Please feel free to search this site! And here are …

Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip

  February 19, 2014  |    Blog>Recipes>Snacks

    Tired of unhealthy Veggie dips? We hear ya… As you know, we’re Veggie-obsessed—and really how can we not be after witnessing our clients (as well as ourselves) meet nearly every health and beauty goal they’ve dreamed of by eating more veggies!  And of course, that’s why our book  The Nutrition Twins’ Veggie Cure …

Tuscan Vegetable Chicken

  October 9, 2013  |    Blog>Recipes>Lunch/Dinner

If you’re like us (and chances are you are since chicken is the most popular food in the country!), you’re always looking for new & healthy ways to prepare chicken. Skinless chicken breasts pack in a whopping 67% of the daily value of protein in just 4 ounces! Studies have also shown that the amazing …