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Halloween–Do-IT Swaps!

  October 7, 2013  |    Blog

Swapping those high calorie, low nutrient foods like candy and sweets for healthier foods with the same taste is the perfect way to hit all of those cravings while staying healthy!


Want something sour? Try green apples instead of sour candy for a boost of fiber for long lasting energy!

For a different sweet and sour twist, chop a green apple into ¼- ½ inch pieces and top with pumpkin pie spice (or cinnamon) and microwave for about 5 minutes on high.  We actually use about 1- 1/2 (and sometimes 2!) teaspoons of cinnamon and coat all of the surface of the apple pieces–yum!  Then mix with your favorite yogurt.

NOTE that microwave times vary depending on your microwave so you may want to take it out after 4 minutes and see if you need to put it in for longer for the desired texture. The photo above shows how it looks when we bake the whole apple–yum! But the chunks work great too and you can coat them entirely on all edges with the cinnamon–so we often prefer that!

Craving something chewy? Dried fruits of all kinds are a great replacement for gummy candies, especially with their high vitamin C content!

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